If you are looking for reliable and dependable Sarasota County Pest control company, you found it! Four Star Environmental is effectively protecting homes and businesses in all of Sarasota County. We specialize in Florida pest control  making us the best solution to all of your Sarasota pest control needs.

When addressing a pest problem, we consider everything from building materials to the climate to determine the correct solution. Sarasota pest control can prove difficult for those unfamiliar with the unique geography and climate of Florida. Frequent rain and humidity make southwest Florida a haven for pests. National pest corporations may be unaware of specific Sarasota County pest control issues, and often apply generic solutions nationwide. This renders many of their treatments insufficient. Beware of companies offering claims to provide cheap quick remedies as these are often temporary fixes and not exterminations. We are the only Florida Pest Control Company that combines local knowledge with expert methods, making us your best choice in Sarasota, Siesta Key, Venice & Longboat Key pest control services.

Four Star Environmental, located in Sarasota, FL is a family owned company since 1991. Our philosophy has always been to exceed customer expectations. We provide premier Sarasota pest control for homes or businesses. Our skilled technicians are constantly educated on the latest methods and technology, making us the best in Sarasota pest control.

As THE LEADER IN SARASOTA PEST CONTROL, we appreciate the urgency that homeowners feel when confronted with an infestation. We share the dislike for insects that disrupt our lives, threaten our health, security and comfort.   Honesty, integrity, dependability, thorough inspections, and unsurpassed customer service is what we provide as your for Sarasota pest control.

Only the best Sarasota pest control company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee if the pests are not completely exterminated. Our goal at Four Star Pest Control is to be the leader in Sarasota County pest control, offering quality extermination and unsurpassed customer service.

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